Ah nighty everyone, I’ve just yawn-ed away a geog report and ACE essay. Actually they weren’t exactly meant to be reports and essays or anything as high-sounding, but sadly, I make it so. They were supposed to be a worksheet and reflection respectively and I think you-know-what. I churned out 2 three-pages long papers that’s enough to be published. Alright, to sound less narcisstic- that’s enough to kill a man. Sorry, I don’t think this is any better uh? Nevermind, I just know its going to be one and I have been alternating between 12am, 3am snooze-hours each day. So one day I’ll be all hyper and the other day, oh well, leave Little Boy Blue alone. You know, the kid who lost his sheeps while sleeping on a haystack? Or was it Peter? I dunno, there’s just too many kids and too many sheeps or lambs or goats, whatever you name them.

Like Mary with her fleeeeeeeecy lamb, Little Bo Peep, who goes Beep Beep!, and maybe yea the male-kids, oh yea, the Baa baa black sheep have you any wool! YES SIR YES SIR THREE BAGS FULL! Oh my, I finally remembered. O, childhood.

 Wonder why the fetish with lambs or sheeps or goats or whatever you call them? I know pecans either. How nice, pecans, I’ve always prefered pecans over nuts so this goes!

Anyone come up with an answer? Or is it religious? I think so uh? But poor sheeps or lambs or goats or whatever you call them. They are churned into Shepherd’s Pie and have Mary that kiddish, Beep Beep! the noisy, the enigmatic black sheep song, Little Boy Blue whom I can only say whose Mother has a thang for blue dance and prance around the dining table with forks and knives, sigh. What has etiquette class become?

Nevermind, I love them, all kids. How lovely! If given a choice, I wanna be The Little Teapot short and stout, here is my handle, here is my snout! How very cheerful. I like unanimate things that are animate, think about it, how interesting. How_______! How________! Sorry, its 1240 already and I’m under the influence, the influence, the influence of the……influence….