Man, I’m in no mood for blogging but I don’t want it dead, so…

Okay, lets get my marks for starters

Hmm, I failed maths by 0.4 currently and judging by the geog common test only, I passes geog by 1.7. Now the world’s turning crazy, I see pink elephants all around. My chinese is better than these 2 subjects, which is kinda good in a way that I passed it by 5 marks. Oho! Um, anymore subjects? Oh yea, what lousy esteem do I have. By the physics common test alone, I scored 85! Biology not bad as well, 68.3 not very good but okay in comparison. Chemistry, 81! Language Arts is cool as well, I’m expecting 80 cos journal marks are yet unreleased, yay.

Oh wow, my grades are okay right? But mom and dad’s bound to send me to the slaughterhouse for my maths grade. Man, their both masters at math and computer science, one’s physics PhD, sad. You see, last year I’ve got 87 for math overall so this year, expectations are up a notch. But they just held onto the belief that my grades are dropping if my maths grade is dropping, but look at my sciences. I’m still good in them, though, but not as fervent about chem as I was last year as a result, I couldn’t really grasp anything beyond textbook knowledge, or rather, refuse to.

My lit was a whole lot better than last year. I like how they allow space for us to explore and besides I think more nowadays so LA rocks. Sigh, what a lousy day. I’m halfway into finishing my film review for Empire of the Sun and don’t know where to stop, its 3 pages already and by this rate, its really freaky, nvm, I shall just end it with a full stop. In a Mengying style, even the coach said so.

Aha, which reminds me, yesterday was crazy. To be sure, I was crazy. Eh, hang on, people don’t talk about themselves going crazy uh? So I shall chuck this somehwere. I bought choc eclairs for them kids! Yummy! I’m a philantrophist. Oho, 9 people owe me money. Hoho, better pay up if you’re reading this. But no one will read it anyway cos I’m so verbose in my entries. Haha, my friend says I write essays here. Today is do-nothing day in Okie Dokie Olie! I like Zoe, you know, that kiddy show on Playhouse Disney Channel. My bro watches that so I sneak on in! yay.