I was browsing through my blog archives because I was bored and was just a little curious and wanted to get ‘updated’ about my past self. It’s funny. I don’t remember writing many things. It’s like a lost decade or something. This is quite a huge thing for me because if you’ve been interacting with me long enough, you’ll know that I remember the most random things and the trivia of the trivia.

Well, there were quite a few ‘interesting’ things about myself and the whole experience was extremely nostalgic. It’s currently in the wee hours of the morning and I may be caught red-handed anytime and be butchered for being on the computer or … to go down to the basics— being awake at all. So I’ll just feature one small thing here:

I skimmed through this and oh my, isn’t that pretty much who I am right now? Most of it— the more relevant parts, anyway. And it’s funny— I didn’t print that entry out and stick it on my wall to remind myself of it everyday or anything so such growth isn’t entirely made consciously. But I shan’t pry as it isn’t in my interest to do so.

Dear peers, I am living now!

Now: I am always happy with who I am. However, I am never content with who I am. I’ll keep growing everyday. What’s better than being ‘perfect’ is never being ‘perfect’. Goals and boundaries are continuously pushed and you discover infinities outside of infinities. And it’s turtles all the way down. A buffet and it all depends on how much you can bite off and chew.