Through this, it seems like time can only be wasted. It’s funny. Try as I may, I still crawl. But the other’s crawling too. I shan’t delve into the reason why I’m crawling then, since it’ll be too complicated a matter to talk about. So yeah, I feel like I’m being thrown into a pot, being slowly heated up. It is only time before I leap out. And exactly when that moment will occur is unclear.

I was recalling something in my science textbook way, way back in primary school. A frog is thrown into a pot that’s being slowly heated up. Because it’s slow, it has time to get used to the temperature. So it stays, long after the threshold of what an acceptable water temperature is for it. Let’s say it’s still staying put at 55 deg.C. Conversely, if you were to lower the frog immediately into a water bath of 55 deg.C, it would have leaped out immediately.

So, this is the danger of dancing slowly, getting used to things. You may think that you’re emerging stronger against the adversities and whatnot. But in reality, you’re just getting used to the scalding, the out-of-character scalding. You would have never allowed this to happen to yourself if you saw the state of yourself with detached eyes.

Each time I say, I’m getting out of this, I take my words back again. Now, the temperature has gone up quite a bit and I know that I’m really going to get out of this eventually. (But no, I’m not scalded.) Now’s to finding a good moment to do so.