I can’t wait to go away. More push-es and less pull-s. Pulls turning into pushes. Leaving Everything (if I had anything really belonging to me in the first place) behind seems to be less and less of a sacrifice, if at all. I just moved all the boxes out and re-possessed them. They are now mine, not shared property. I’m sick of them being mishandled, or worse, entirely slighted. The mishandled can be corrected. The slighted may never be made to care. And when you have to force compassion, what will happen when you stop? You can’t last forever at the power mode of 10. They’ll do so much better when left to me alone, at least for now. I’m utterly sick of all these.

Sharing is beautiful but optional. More optional when it is not beautiful. Bye. And my words will be left unread and unheard. And everything will seem alright. And I may not end up keeping my word. But for what it’s worth, this is what I have to say right now.