Feeling really down today. It was a low plateau all the way, when I was out. Slightly dipping consistently throughout though. Quite a portion of this was because of ‘physical happenings’. E.g. My scheduled appointment was 1 hour late and it lasted for less than 5 minutes, with the distracted/uninterested doctor (running over to another room to see another patient. He’s probably been doing this for the entire time, with the other patients. That’s why he took soooooo long. Our room was stuck at 15xx when other rooms were at 17xx.) telling me to come back 2 weeks later for a nerve conduction test, to spend more money and time. And this less-than-5-minutes consultation cost me $38. Eat it. I shan’t even begin mentioning what happened before this. I was already in a very low mood to begin with at the start of the day. The night before, it dived to the depths of an ocean cave. So even though I woke up feeling a little bad, it was so much higher than the ocean cave, so I felt fine. There’s enough going on in my head. And things in the immediate world have to chip in as well.

I just feel like throwing ALL OF THESE into a furnace.

(No, not depressed though. The difference is that I know all these will get better and many things don’t matter much at all.)