It’s great, functioning with no expectations. This came ‘naturally’ this time. Naturally in a way that I didn’t purposely plan for it to happen but it is certainly a product of my earlier interventions. It’s the situation when you didn’t plan on walking down the left of the forked road but you made conscious decisions on previous paths to get to the forked path in the first place.

I’ve really had enough. My poor brain. The only difference this will probably make is that I’ll be less mentally tormented. Sounds like a great deal. I’m confused, okay. I don’t know what I think and feel about it. I think this happened largely because I thought too much. But if I don’t do so, will the sentiments be genuine? I’ll stop thinking about it. What an irony if I continue. Stabbing myself in the back.

Alright, yeah. I’m going to clean things out and free up more disc space. Whatever this is. Whatever this will be. Though I don’t think this thing is going to be permanent. It’s unhealthy. Logically speaking, it’s just evading anyway, coping mechanism. We’ll see.