My life is too ‘happening’ nowadays. Too many things going on. Too much to do. All at the same time. Though I’m not complaining and I also am not claiming that it’s a bad thing. There was a time, not too long ago, when nothing really happened in my life. Now everything’s compressed, I guess!! I’m not left sprinting. I’m left scuttling about ineffectively.

I’m in a whirl. I just keep going on. But it works. Because I know my job scope, I know what to do to do it well. But you know, right in the heart of it all, something seems to be left in the to-do/pending tray foreverrrrrrr!!! WHAT IS MY JOB SCOPE??!!!!!!!!

)): No one can tell me the answer this time. Don’t even talk to me about figuring it out myself. I’ve deployed half my brain cells to work out the question. Why half? Because when one half gets sick and tired of doing so, I deploy the other half. That’s a whole lot of brain cells, considering how we only normally use 5% of them. It’s been a longggg time. And I’m going INSANEEEEEEE.

I’ll bring the troops back soon, probably. The answer deliberately evades search troops, probably. Maybe it’s not supposed to be found in that way. Or maybe it’s never there. Or maybe I have it already.