Currently, I have problems handling my overwhelming joy or whatever that is called. I’ve said once in the past that I need friends to be there when I’m feeling happy, not when I’ve got a whole barrage of things to lament or complain about. This still holds true. I’ve got problems doing the latter and can only do it uncomfortably (that’s why I rant all I want on this blog). I shan’t go into why that happens though— will leave it for now.

Nothing significantly or out-of-the-blue great happened, maybe you can see it as a gradual lightening up of an overcast sky. There’s this point where ‘cloudy’ becomes ‘sunny’. It’s not a clear line, it is arbitrarily defined. And I think I’ve crossed that. There are points where I feel like I’m radiating with joy. I feel like I’m going to combust. I need outlets to pass them on to. I need my precious people to share them! But my circle is always small. And the pizza of joy is huge this time. And circumstances aren’t really clear cut for some. So I’m taking care not to get some overdosed. And I’m enlarging the circle.

And it’s funny, the joy seems to have expanded along with the circle and seems to be continuing. And I’ll still be brimming with it. And I’ll keep distributing … and enlarging. But the real core of the circle will still be small— the regular pizza diners. But yeah … what kind of metaphor is this?!