Pointlessly reaffirming what I said yesterday just because I feel like it, everything’s fine and will be fine. Even if some things are not ‘fine’, I’m just going to roll along. But things are fine nowadays. Overall, I am and will be fine. Always. … I know, why am I so dogmatic and certain? Don’t judge, please. We shall see. I never say things like that. I am saying it now. This does hold weight.

I just came to realise how robust we really are. Re-writable, bendable, split-able etc. Not fragile. Nothing can only remain stagnant, nothing gets stained forever. Broken shards either get mended or thrown away. That’s how we deal with broken glass right? Everything can be fine, can be worked out, if not, come to terms with. Nothing needs to always turn out fine. It is with this attitude (not fully elaborated yet) that I hold that accords me such certainty and confidence.

Everything is and will be fine. And I have a long way to go πŸ™‚