I’ve finally come to terms with uncertainty.

That said, I’m now Certain that I’m going to do law. LLB. Not graduate. If I can’t get into it over here, I’m going down under. Everything else that’s going to happen has to revolve around this decision. I’m glad that there’s something that’s finally fixed here. And everything’s going to be fine. Good things will remain. I never say ‘good-bye’, I realised. I just say ‘bye’. And ‘good riddance’, when appropriate. Never ‘goodbye’. Why say bye to the good? I’ll handle this issue upfront soon. We’ll be fine.

Why law? I can write 10 essays out of it but just a few points: it can get me anywhere, you can do many things with a law degree. And I want to do everything. I want to practice, do start-ups, humanitarian work, mediate, international-law related endeavours. Pardon my language today, it sounds off-balance. School may be rather crazy and work will also be pretty crazy but I guess none of them will turn out to be as crazy as I am. What kind of sentence is this? No, I don’t have the potential to be that crazy anymore. I’m much more mentally balanced nowadays.

I decided to have a new post because I just created a new blog! http://justicejustine.wordpress.com/ Isn’t this awesome? I may transfer the archives from this old blog to the new and continue blogging as I normally do. Or, I may just reserve that one for more legally-related stuff. We shall see šŸ˜‰

I’ll now walk into the sun and prepare to gorge myself with food because I’m forced to attend a buffet as a voucher that’s going to be expired has to be used soon. I was just told this morning. Mentally unprepared. Dammit. Now I have to re-organise my mental plan for the day.