Maybe I should just get used to the perspective, which I have held from the very start, that there is nothing to really trust in life. I was cynical about cynicism. And now, I am cynical about being cynical towards cynicism. What’s next?

Is there also no anchor? Thank you very much. You have just dehumanized me further. Thank you. So is it true that I burn holes in the ground no matter where I travel? No matter how delicately I tread? I suspect there is no right way of treading at all. Of course, I am too harsh on myself and I happen to be very fond of misrepresenting things. That said, there is still truth in this.

And my ultimate reason for always writing like that is to make myself feel better. The reason why I felt bad was probably pretty irrational. So to counter that, I have to write something just as irrational. Lol. But I must admit I do not know the extent of that irrationality yet. There may be much truth in it. We’ll see.