I got such a mental relief from getting it all out of my system in the previous entry. I forgot to say this since my thoughts are non-linear and I branched out somewhere, leaving this small lane uncovered.

I’m going to read a thick, technical book in a noisy cafe with the focus on comprehending everything and not speed. This is from Harris Harrington. Re-instill attention. I’ve also always wanted to do that to counter the effects of computer-internet-usage which is an obsession too. It’ll be good for my budding ADD as well.

I’m also stepping out of bondage. My bondage meter has exploded from its seams. I’ve had enough. I’m free to do what I want. I’m not giving bondage a thought.

I have a book on Critical Theory which was given to me. No, that is mind-fuck, not thick and technical. I’m going to read ‘An Introduction To Social Psychology’ by Dewey and Humber. Got that book really cheap from a secondhand store. I forsee it’ll be both an interesting yet challenging-enough read.