The first paragraph is the status from Facebook which is still there. The following paragraphs are self-comments on the status. I accidentally started blogging in bursts on there. And I didn’t take as long as the time between the timestamps to write them. I wrote as they occurred to me suddenly. The material is a little too private for FB so I deleted the comments, leaving only the status but for keepsake, I’ve transferred them here. And one of the things I can still be proud of is my ability to still write. Decently.

Please update me on the bridge-building project. Please.


The only way to remain interesting to someone who continuously seeks approval everywhere is to not grant him/her approval. Unfortunately, I have no such tenacity and therefore willingly render myself dull to that person. Good riddance and suit yourself.
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The person should know that I am not going to play the role of ‘interesting’ and I never seek for approval and I’m not going to act like I do and I am not charmed at all by his/her behaviour, regardless of whether s/he is conscious of what that is. This is sapping too much mental energy. (Sorry FB, I happened to blog here today.)
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I don’t know what’s happening, I tried hard to know but I still don’t so I’m not going to try to know what’s happening anymore. I’ve done my part but the bridge can’t be built by me alone (I can only build it from my bank to the middle of the river). With no response from the other side which initiated the building project in the first place, I’ll have to halt operations and conserve financial health of my side’s.
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Until you tell my company what you intend to do or at least hint more explicitly at future possibilities, we’ll stop building right there and then. All the best to you if you wait for too long and the parts on my side start crumbling and falling into the water. Business ethics please. Don’t start a building project if you’re not sure whether you can fulfill your bit. Also, it would be so much better if you can just come up with a more-detailed business proposal.
(I’m being too dramatic in this comment. Was too excited with the excellent metaphor. But there is still truth in it.)
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