I shall continue from the last post and touch on one of “The Nine Statements” and “The Eleven Rules of the Earth” today. Full version: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LaVeyan_Satanism#The_Nine_Satanic_Statements Notice how I dropped ‘satanic’ from them? Because Laveyan Satanism isn’t really the worship of the Satan or the Devil, it just represents certain ideas. And I hate misunderstandings so I just dropped it and renamed it LaVeyan Atheism in the title.

The rule that strikes me most is “Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself”. This is so simple and generally common-sensical but I never recognise this intuitively. I subject myself to almost everything, I believe I can do anything— eventually. Many pointless endeavours get mixed into my ‘to-do list’ (not literally) and some of these result in tangled fishing nets. I need not subject myself to them in the first place, why do I do so? And I complain a lot about the tangled nets. I could have avoided all of them in the first place. I need not do everything. I need not try to do something which I don’t want to or which does not have a result which I desire in the first place.

Bottom-line: If I don’t want it, don’t try to have it.

Also, another interpretation boils down to choice. Even if something bad happens, I can decide whether to feel sad or otherwise. I can decide if I want to live a life which I constantly think of as tragic. I need not subject myself to depression or emptiness. I need not subject myself to neediness. I need not subject myself to be a product of others’ reactions. It’s all my choice. If I choose to think of life as tragic and live in it as such, I must not complain for I chose it. If I am dissatisfied, I can change it.

Bottom-line: If something is within my control, I must not complain about it for I can change it.

I like this reflection. Thank you LaVeyan Satanism. I feel empowered. Though I would really like you to be ‘re-christened’ 😛