I was listening to some music before I sleep and decided to try something ‘new’ from Joanna. I remember listening to Sawdust and Diamonds quite a long time back and didn’t really like it— I skipped the song before it’s halfway mark. But now, I think I’ll be looping it for a long while. It’s just wow……….

But I’m equally amazed at how one rediscovers JN’s songs. It isn’t like rediscovering anything else! She sounds like she’s engaged in a monologue here. While it may be pointed out that most of her other songs are like that, it only seemed to me to be this way for this song. It’s probably because the harp accompaniment is much softer throughout the track and it is played quite simplistically. Her vocal expressions, wow.

Also, while listening to the song, images occur spontaneously in my mind and the mood etc., you can just picture everything with no effort. This is just beautiful.

Seeing her in person in March! Can’t believe it, really— out of my wildest dreams. I never even considered a possibility of her coming here.

[Alright, I resolve not to use the computer too much tomorrow.]