Life’s been going great nowadays though I’ve been physically rotting, pretty much. Finally got around to watching Grey’s Anatomy now that I’ve got the time. Jumped into the third season straight because the dvds were on a drastic sale. I’m in love with the theme song, first of all. Though I didn’t know there were vocals in it until I checked YT for the full version.

I only watched the first episode of the first season somewhere years back. And I remember liking Meredith from there at that time (probably because she said something really meaningful in there and also probably because there were only a few characters in there).

My favourite character in here is currently Addison Montgomery. At least in the 3rd season, she seems perfect to me. Right balance of everything (to me). She just seems the kind of person who can get on with everything in life and cares for and lets go of things to exactly the right extent. She’s a survivor. I think.

I haven’t exactly done my new year resolutions. Shall get around to doing them soon. And who says they can only be done before the year starts? I do it for the idea of it. Ciao for now.