I am so egg-zyted! Going to get a violin in early-mid January after I come back from Sunway Lagoon (blissfulveil: if you’re reading this— I just realised it’s not Bintan! I’m seriously blur ttm D:. But SL and Bintan seem rather indistinguishable to me— like sunny and resorty XD). Wanted a guitar at first but also hesitating about the violin. Guitar was because it’s extremely versatile for all kinds of covers. But thankfully, my mom threw me in the right direction. The violin is better. I have always loved the sound, the nimbleness of it all, the range of moods it can produce.

Also, I am not that big a consequentialist and (relatively) short-sighted to just want an instrument to do covers. I can also do classical stuff on the violin which fits in with what I’ve learnt on the piano. I’m so eye-ing the Paganini songs. Also, as Trev has said, the piano is just as good as the guitar when it comes to acoustic detailing (though it is Much harder to play). My mom added that ‘anyone can play the guitar’. Although I’m not in the phase to pine to be unique and different, it agreed with me in that I can always pick up the guitar anytime in the future. I should invest this short period of extremely-free time to learn something more challenging.