I originally posted this on FB. As I’m deactivating it (albeit intermittently and hopefully eventually permanently <— is this adverbial string grammatical??), I’m moving stuff gradually out from that hellhole. Next will be the humongous collection of quotes scattered everywhere on there. (I was creating a meme and meme are supposed to be dumb and cliche and anonymously created (how sad, but I had to do it)— even a bookish one like this. I would never see myself conducting serious writing like that XD : “Results are at many times, creepily true, or … cryptically true.”)

(Hi Friends!!! I created a meme XD Trying to make a more meaningful use out of the medium of memes. Have fun!) <— Delete this before you tag others! Was a message to you guys XD

Do try this as regularly as you like with different books. Results are at many times, creepily true, or … cryptically true.


1. Get the book you’re currently reading. If not, grab a book of your choice.

2. Look up at the ceiling/up above. Flip to a random page in the book and place one of your fingers on a random spot on that page.

3. Copy that first sentence down under A.

4. Do steps 1-3 two more times, copying them consecutively under the next 2 headings B, C.

5. Tag 3 friends.

Author and Book Title: Gerard Donovan – Schopenhauer’s Telescope

A) What describes your life: And all at no expense other than my time, and that well spent, for I leaped forward, it seemed to me, a year for every minute I read from all these great poems on love.

B) What you keep secretly hidden, deep inside: I held my hands together in front of me like the teacher had when reading his newspaper, but I was gripping a trigger and reading where the shells exploded: ‘And from their positions on Cemetry Hill, the four Hotchkiss guns, fifty shells a minute by four, that’s two hundred a minute ripping the whole universe and tearing men and women like wet toilet paper.’ [sic]

C) What you deny to yourself: They won’t move out of that enclosure until they know they have to.

Comment: A: Time is overly sacrificed for the quality of experiences. B: I’m a psychopath. C: Overestimating my prowess relative to others and being overconfident.

‎(I also wanted to write “What your future beholds” (which will be perfect) for C but I’m afraid of getting a highly destructive quote and over-reading into it :x)