I’m a mega-bitch nowadays relative to what I was in the past. Some may not have seen a difference perhaps because: I was a huge non-mega-bitch in the past therefore, my recent mega-bitch tendencies only bring my mega-bitchiness to the normal-person standard (I really don’t know about this one since I don’t really care to know if this is true since I have mega-bitch tendencies).

It’s great this way— especially when I’m playing the card on purpose. I still have my old self in me but towards pain-in-the-ass people, I’m free to be what I want them to deserve. And it really delights me. <— Actually not so much— I derive more delight from umm, *inserts really minor, minor things*. It just transforms my social experience to something nasty to something more or less neutral. It really saves time and effort. I can also expend more of it for people whom I really care about. I don't 'mask' myself anymore. But it's also not about 'showing my true colours'. My 'colours' are so dull, they wouldn't make much difference which proves the point about how many people will not note the difference. I've been waiting for this version of me to manifest for a long time. Now it's here. Woohoo.

But in general, this is to create a better life for myself, not a worse experience for others who interact with me since I think— even as a mega-bitch, I'm still a 'nice person'.