I was captivated the first time I saw this but it is only now that I’m truly crazy over this.

I think I appreciated most of her songs on her new album so much better when I listened to the live versions!

I bought her album months back and have yet listened to all the songs. This is how busy (physically and psychologically) I am!

I think one thing that prevented me from liking Have One on Me immediately is that her vocals are so much more restrained in the songs. I really loved the exuberance on Milk-Eyed Mender esp in songs like Sadie and Peach Plum Pear though everything else were immediately lovable to me. It was funny how many said that Milk-Eyed Mender was jarring and Have One on Me was so much more accessible. I had problems liking Monkey and Bear, Only Skin on Ys because of the restraint and the fact that they sound like they’re over-edited. I especially loved Emily and Cosmia on Ys. (And after she did that throat surgery of some sort, her voice really changed. I missed the somewhat raw, jarring voice in Milk-Eyed Mender.)

Was doing a Joanna Newsom live shows marathon on Youtube and my gosh, I now think that Have One on Me is Joanna at her best. I can’t really describe it. The harmony between the instruments she’s using. Oh another thing that prevented me from immediately embracing Have One on Me is the fact that she’s no longer using harp exclusively and that the songs in which she used the harp exclusively don’t take too much effort to ‘crack’ and I’ve gotten ‘tired’ over some of them already by overplaying— i.e. On a Good Day, 81.

I’m just going to wait till the exams have really ended to crack the rest of the album and overplay them.

Oh yes, I’m getting crazy over It’s Working by MGMT too. I listened to it once a month ago and recently, it’s been playing in my head somehow. It’s amazing.

The reason why I’m missing out on so much is because when I study, I don’t listen to the stuff that I really like. I listen to radio junk. But my quality study music includes Eminem (Eminem is AWESOME study musik), Linkin Park, blink 182, random alternative music, Weezer and the likes. I still don’t include ‘these’ music as music that I appreciate. Look at it this way: the food that you binge on is different from the food that you carefully savour (sorry for the awkward phrasings, not going to go back to them and edit). Similarly, when asked about your ‘taste’ on music, you don’t really talk about music you use for binging purposes. Well, for some people, these 2 classes of music are synonymous. Good for them. But for me, they’re different.