Okay, 4pm has obviously came and passed. I obviously felt ECSTATIC. But now, not really. Just fine. Well, loads happened from 6.50pm to 7.40pm but I shan’t try to document it. In sum, I GOT LOST when going to somewhere unfamiliar— but where I have been to before and where I have passed by frequently in the past. It was traumatic and caused me loads of $$ and emotional/mental trauma. I shan’t go into specifics since I don’t really want the readers to know exactly what I did. It also affirmed what my mom said about how I’m un-street-smart in the worst sense. I also realised that I almost definitely get lost if I have to follow a map to go to a place. I can’t follow maps to go to places— thing is— things look so different on maps! And they don’t draw barriers like fences, gates and whatnot and oftentimes, you don’t know what the buildings look like and the same old rectangular blocks on maps are not helping much. Also, in unfamiliar places, you will find it hard (especially for someone like me) to tell apart the front of the building and the back etc. etc. I’m not really planning to communicate what I want to say perfectly and I’m just typing what comes to my mind immediately so— forgive. This is how I’ll blog for now, at least until the exams end or something so my mental space can be freed up for such endeavours (I doubt if you understood this sentence since I was not trying to be clear).

I also realised something about myself after the recent spate of events— not really ‘recent’, but at least from mid this year onwards. I realised that I should just follow what my intuition ‘says’ at the very start. If not, there will be heavy complications. Trying to evade the tasks that my intuition deems necessary will result in heavy consequences. I can’t begin to list out examples of these.