Well, this morning, I got ‘caught’ for something. Well, can’t be helped. From that, I conclude that I’m not made for a society or community or whatever that requires stringent compliance to rules. Any kinds of rules. I have no preference towards the nature of the rules. It’s just the very idea of ‘rules’ in themselves. This is because everything, EVERYTHING is inherently flawed in some ways. And before long, I’ll be able to spot all the flaws and I’ll hate it and I’ll most likely go against it.

Also, from economics, we learn that if benefits of evasion > cost of punishment or something like that, evading is the choice. And I have been functioning under this principle my entire life where I do my utmost best to minimise the chance of being ‘caught’ and that if I am caught, I’ll do my best to minimise the cost. (Because if I don’t do this, I’ll go crazy considering how things function at home.) So, seriously, for most things that I don’t want to do, evasion is the choice. But it’s no big deal at all— because the things that I evade are really trivial. And if they are not, I’ll make sure there aren’t any huge negative externalities to anyone. Because I’m considerate.

So, lol. I truly hate people who ‘moralise’ trivial things. (Appearance v.s Reality too.) Some rules are meaningless and are just there for no reasonable reason other than them being part of tradition. That, I bloody oppose. If I see no reason in complying, I’ll not. I don’t do things for tradition— especially if the act of ‘violating’ tradition causes no significant, reasonable consequences. And really, judging my character just because I didn’t follow that single instance of tradition is no way to go. Pretty laughable.

Okay, I shall stop here. I’m just writing this for the fun of it. Not really angry about anything etc. Just wanted to generalise something I’ve been experiencing. And I am also very aware of the loopholes presented there. They were made on purpose at some parts. But really, if we weren’t allowed to make fallacies etc., humour, feelings etc. etc. wouldn’t exist. And avoiding fallacies need time. I don’t have the time. Ciao.