To add on:

And then, you start to become nihilistic about it. Really, I gave my f-ing best given the available resources. I’ve even worked to expand the production possibility curve (PPC)! I’ll SWEAR for that. And vouch with my life. I’ve never been so certain about something before. If it doesn’t translate into fruition, TOO BAD. At least virtue ethics tells me it is okay— what matters is not the consequence, but the process. Or whatever. See, I know my work. Very well. If it doesn’t translate into results, it simply means that they don’t hold up well to the standardised tests. This is also featured in my paper. And I’ve tried.

I’m through and through. And very concentration-camp-like-pissed-off.  Though I will say that no one nor anything provoked me. It was just my subconscious introspection or whatever. Whatever it is, my future will be fine. If I don’t get the desired whatever, I’ve still got that acct course whatever to go to.

And no matter what, I’m not dumb. And perhaps, that’s what matters.