One down. For now.

Alright, anyway, I just came up with a conspiracy theory just then. And I’m not allowed to leave school from the front gate until 12.45 so here I am. Well, actually I could sneak out from the back gate but I don’t know why I didn’t. I might know but it’ll take a lot of words to explain. So let’s just forget about it for now.

So, conspiracy theory. I should probably hang out less with people who are less sociable or less extroverted or less prone to liking people etc. I might seem to fit in well with them at first, but no. The thing is, I’ll become even less social, extroverted and less prone to liking people than I was before. The ultimate thing behind it probably is: being in any given group, I’ll eventually veer out of it.

So, why not start with a more mainstream group so that even when you veer slightly out of it, it’s not extreme.

But practically speaking, I’ll probably not do it… Okay, dammit, I am disturbed by a bunch of people who have started to crowd around me every now and then, making it impossible to think and type. Bye.