Sometimes, when someone who is a supposed authority says something bad, it can purely mean that it is not true— even if you are an abject pessimist.

Yeah, why didn’t I fucking think of that before I spent an entire day crying two fucking Wednesday ago and subsequently wasting away my entire week because of poor mood?

Sometimes, when someone cannot understand what another person is talking about, it might very well be the former’s fault. Even if that person is a supposed authority. You make such a thing sound like it is genetic, hard-wired and deterministic and that I can’t change it. Like I’m wrong just because I’m me.

Further, even if you cannot understand what someone is talking about, you’d better communicate it appropriately and not be fucking rude about it and throw your weight about just because you can. If not, no one will fucking understand you. And I didn’t. Ad hominem.

If you truly wish to make constructive comments, you’d better express them constructively. If not, your language sucks.

Although the recent spate of events like this one are painful to experience, they’re really life lessons and I’m now 93 times (arbitrary number) harder to kill. If you learn chemistry: I was sodium, soft and explosively reactive. Now, I am argon, stable, unreactive, free (as a gas) and truly independent. Or perhaps one of those rad transition metals, maybe iron which is the most radioactively stable ion. But then it oxidises and rusts. So I’ll have to think about it.

But meanwhile, f-you instead. I’ll think about voodoo if more things like that happen.