These are songs that I listened to since I was 13, 4+ years ago and songs that I still love and listen to and not ashamed of and still mean a lot to me. On a side note, all of them sound pretty similar — ballads of some sort.

1. 23 – Jimmy Eat World

This is just … amazing. I can’t describe it. It’s as if Jim Adkins poured his heart out. I shiver when I listen to it.

2. All Good Things Come to an End – Nelly Furtado

This is also indescribably amazing.

3. Yellow – Coldplay

It just really took to me a lot.

4. Little Death – +44 (actually a host of +44 songs, I can’t decide on one. I bought the CD— one of the few I have and listen to it on loops at one go so the entire CD is a narrative and I can’t break it down. But there won’t be anymore +44 albums since blink is coming back. I actually preferred them separate.)

5. Pieces – Sum 41 (a host of Sum 41 songs too. Grew up on it. *Nostalgic* But don’t really like the songs they do nowadays. Loved their Chuck album best. And their debut.)