1. Just found a metaphorical equivalent of a hidden stash of jewels!!!!!

Whoa, I’ll be fine from now one! For sure!

Another affirmation that the school sucks. BIG TIME. BIGGER THAN BIG TIME. BIGGEST. (Wasting my waking hours, forcing me to resort to semi-legal means etc.) Go eat yourself and don’t take the credit when I do well. It’s not because of you.  In fact, you do the opposite. I’m very angry at the said institution. And am still very angry despite the jewels incident. I WON’T LET YOU WASTE MY WAKING HOURS.

2. On another note, it’s 3.14am and it’s the best I’ve ever felt ‘today’. And the worst was at around 2+am. Go figure.

3. Also, I only found out at around 9pm today that I’ve eaten only a curry chicken pie and drank a can of coffee for the entire day. That is discounting the two Nimm2 sweets I ate at around 7pm apparently out of unconscious hunger (like a really mild tinge of hunger but nothing much). I’m deliberately not starving myself. It just didn’t occur to me to eat for the entire day. And I didn’t feel hungry until I thought of how little I ate. Lawl.

And when that fact did occur to me, I was too depressed to have an appetite. It’s strange how my appetite is proportional to my mood nowadays. In the past, there was either no correlation at all or that I had some ‘comfort foods’ but not in the sense that you would think— I don’t binge on them.

4. Ciao.

5. I guess I’ll have to have the caffeine again tomorrow morning. Le sigh.