1. “100 Anxiety Disorder Jokes for People with OCD: we would have made it 101 but we didn’t want to fuck with you”

ROFL. Great title. But there’s nothing wrong with 101 for me. No numerical preference.

2. I’m not going to volunteer or fight for that first batch to proceed. It doesn’t mean anything but Version 1.0.

3. I’m still having the persistent pins and needles sensation on my right side (of my waist) whenever I lean to that side just a little. The right side of my waist is a lot more curved or concaved than my left side. I doubt it’s the history of my posture. Or perhaps it is.

I googled about this sometime back. They seem to attribute it mainly to stress etc. But the hypochondriac in me was suspecting something else. But I didn’t manage to find something that fit it. This sensation cropped up some months ago, abated a little several weeks ago for around a week and came back in full force after that.

My anatomy seems to have a thing for pins and needles. The other time, I had ulnar nerve entrapment which basically found me puzzled over the pins and needles in my pinkie and half of my ring (fourth) finger and the pinkie side of my palms. I went to a nearby clinic and described what’s happening to me. And the doctor went,”HAVE YOU BEEN READING MEDICAL TEXTBOOKS?” Obviously not. And that freaked me out. She told me to head back a few days later if it still persists. (Apparently, I think my age and my supposed lifestyle shouldn’t cause this to happen.) I was semi-bugging her to tell me what was going on but she didn’t want to. And I guess my mentioning of “Do I have carpal tunnel?” (which I had suspected for some time since I was typing a lot and my hands and wrists were constantly aching) made it sound more like a case that I’m a nut reading medical textbooks and want to pop by for fun. I don’t know.

I went home and googled exactly for this and found that exact syndrome. It was pretty horrifying. I was typing ‘pins and needles little finger…’ and just as I got to ‘little’, the exact suggestions came out for what I’d wanted to type. And I was thinking… gosh, I’m in trouble… (But well, not really now.)

So it seems to infer that it was a well-documented condition and not something strange that is conjured up by me. Seriously… half of a finger??

But this time, google wasn’t of much help. Don’t know if I should see the nerve doctor who attended to my ulnar nerve— he specialises in spine issues which is also very much in relation.

Tata for now.