I just realised how mood-dependent I am towards certain things. I guess I’m adding the adjective ‘moody’ to one of those words that may describe me better than others.

I never really thought myself as ‘moody’ probably because I get most things under control and the things that affect people don’t affect me not in a sense that when they happen to me, I don’t go crazy like they do— it’s because I can get most of them under control or resolved satisfactorily. But this just means that when I can’t, I’ll get it harder than others. And that is also why I care a lot more than most about the littlest things— it’s because those people are already immune to those things while I haven’t (and won’t ever) so I’ll firefight.

Yes, and this is probably what’s happening to me in this period of time.

But I really really really don’t mind (love) being like this.