It should be very obvious that my blog is ‘suffering’ from an identity crisis again— well, or is it me instead? Seems to be seasonal and takes place every June.

Whatever. I have changed my theme again.

Alright, Mogu Mogu Mango is reeeeeeeeeeally amazing. Took me quite a while to finally decide on it. Had at least 3 bottles of it and I’d liked it from the start but I won’t immediately proclaim my love for something (that is to be consumed) after an initial great experience. It’ll take quite a while to ‘induct’ it into my ‘universal favourites’, stuff that I would like to have any day.

(Got this pic from the net. It’s the one on the right. Not sure about lychee— will try it someday for sure.)

Alright, so Mogu Mogu Mango is officially in. My other all-time favourite foods are the soy chicken noodles from the place a street away from my house, lime juice (of any brand since you can’t vary the taste of lime juice that much as you could with orange, apple, mango etc. Just make it sour and I’m good.), McSpicy (damn, the chicken fillet is amazing), my dad’s braised (or roasted) chicken, my mom’s fried eggs, cheese sausages (those fat ones from Pacific hotel, frozen form sold in the mart), oranges (sweet ones from Sunkist, either US or South Africa’s— yeah, I’m really particular about the brands. My favourite apples are South Africa/NZ Royal Galas. Hate (I said HATE) any other variations or species— like Granny Smiths or Fuji apple. I HATE crunchy apples. Strange to some.).

Okay, I’d better stop. The list is getting pretty trivial or if not, I can’t seem to stop. But if you ever have to know one single thing about my diet— I LOVE CHICKEN.


Well, on a sidenote, I’m pretty puzzled (alliteration). My metabolism is sky high nowadays and I don’t remember doing anything different with my lifestyle. If anything, my lifestyle has just gotten more sedentary. Sedentary level up. I am in a sitting posture for more than 10 hours a day. And I have to eat lunch, if not I’ll be hungry (though I’m not starving. For me, hungry is a feeling. Starving is the need to eat.) In the past, I can totally forget about food for the entire day.

Alright, maybe my appetite is really good. But it isn’t all correct to say that either. So it’s both appetite and metabolism. To uhh put it in perspective: In the past, if I have the hotcakes meal in McD for breakfast, I’ll be bloated for the entire day and only have an appetite to eat at around 5-6pm in the afternoon. Nowadays, I eat like a normal human being. It’ll be a mental cue for me to eat again at around 12-2pm.

Wonderful. And the funny thing is, I’m not putting on weight. I’m totally puzzled. (Not that in the ‘past’, I don’t eat as much to not put on weight. That period was over 4 years back.)

Worms? Exam stress? I don’t know. But as usual, I’m fine with anything like that.

And maybe it’s because of the mood factor. And I’m feeling significantly more ‘sunny’ nowadays. Maybe it’s a chicken and egg cycle. Food and mood, mood and food. I don’t care if you know what I mean. I’ll talk about my ‘mood’ on another post. Opening a can of worms here— too much for a post to finish.