Just changed my theme again. Was recently contemplating to change a blog.  If you’ve been here for the past few days, you would have found that it was locked. Well, I want to change the things that I blog about since I no longer really like the atmosphere in here. But 23huisclos as a domain name still seemed superior to anything else that I can think of. And I  think I am still attached to this place.

I shall stay. But I still feel a little hesitant to go ahead with what I want to do. But it’s okay. It will be done. I just want to be more careless about things (in general). Less orchestrated and conscious. As I’ve mentioned previously.

Today, a bot-like person talked to me on msn. Okay, to set things straight, s/he/it has been sending pretty automated messages to me every time I log in— which isn’t often and was less often in the past since I go on facebook for chats. But now, since Trev locked it for me, I can’t find engage in the convenient social simulacra which I’d been able to tap into  so easily in the past. And damn, almost no one whom I want to talk to are online most of the time.

So normally, the bot-like person (whom I didn’t know was a bot) sends me messages like “Looking for a dependable man” or “honest man” or whatever shit and I don’t reply to them. That’s because I’m busy. I do reply to strangers with obscene tendencies y’know. I think I’ve blogged about it. They add me randomly from god-knows-where. And I talk to them and waste their time and entertain myself (when I’m not busy and am bored with nobody else to talk to). But that’s not the point today.

So I’m half-bored, with all of my papers finished yesterday except for half a paper next tuesday and I’m not really doing anything and the automated message (I still didn’t know for sure if it were automated) came along.

So I thought I’ll kill time with the person over there. But it turns out that yeah… bot obviously. And  horribly boring bot which is horribly programmed. Even the horribly dense and pubescent (must be the age group of the visitors who frequent it) chatbot at http://www.chat-bot.com/index.php managed to entertain me better the other time I checked it out. The chatbots If you want to advertise your site via a bot— do it properly. And I didn’t enjoy myself and wasted my time. The troll did not manage to bait anything obviously. Here goes:

[02:43:20 PM] briannetoudl: looking for an honestcaring man
[02:43:39 PM] Z: stfu
[02:43:45 PM] briannetoudl: hey sexy 🙂
[02:43:52 PM] Z: stfu
[02:44:03 PM] briannetoudl: I came across ur profile in the msn directory, Im a bit of a social butterfly, hope you dont mind…
[02:44:32 PM] briannetoudl: Im sure you like talking to pretty girs, Im 23/f/Orlando.. just looking to have a little fun, and you look like a lot of fun
[02:44:41 PM] Z: i’m not a dude
[02:44:51 PM] briannetoudl: Damn, I dont have any pics on my new labtop but I do have a cam, would you like to cam with a hot girl??
[02:44:52 PM] Z: when i turn lesbian, i’ll look you up
[02:45:03 PM] briannetoudl: Well i don’t do yahoo cam or any other cam because i have been recorded before… But i do know one site you can watch me on cam, that assures me no one
records, and its free…
[02:45:10 PM] Z: are you a bot?
[02:45:13 PM] Z: obviously
[02:45:20 PM] briannetoudl: I mean… Do you want to see me on my cam? IT’S A NEW SITE THAT IM ON, ITS AWESOME!!!
[02:45:29 PM] Z: bot
[02:45:29 PM] briannetoudl: Ok go to http://shortlinks.co.uk/1rol  and click accept!
[02:45:39 PM] briannetoudl: fill out your contact information and then on the next page…
[02:45:43 PM] Z: bot
[02:45:54 PM] briannetoudl: fill out your cc info baby for verification ONLY, their card will not be charged.
[02:46:02 PM] Z: shall run the turing test on you
[02:46:11 PM] briannetoudl: What color Panties do you think i should wear? i might have you favorite color here somewhere…
[02:46:21 PM] Z: wtf
[02:46:32 PM] briannetoudl: Your such a good boy, i’m gonna show you what good boys deserve.. you can tell me to do anything you want me too!
[02:46:39 PM] * briannetoudle44@hotmail.com has been blocked