‘Saturnine’ is a beautiful word. I saw it in my word of a day service several days back. I adored it. And if I weren’t feeling much more ‘sunny’ nowadays, or at least trying to aim towards that, I would have used it as my blog title.

Words/Phrases that I similarly fell head over heels with love— at first sight are: Huis Clos, Senescent, Oneiric and — which I didn’t like it in its ‘legal’ form and The Sunday of Life. It’s hard to say but these phrases/words truly ‘strike a chord’ within me the first time I come across them and … gloss over everything (and makes the world seem worth living and I notice the sun and the bright, harmonious cacophony of this estranged humanity and everything as a result of it) and make me stop in my tracks and in those moments, they take on the role of my ‘favourite persons’ in a way that only the moment (the word) seems to be the concern.