As a continuation to my previous post yesterday (which was about the mimick) which is now made private (because it doesn’t matter who reads and I don’t need to spend any time thinking about possible consequences, if any— this is not a contradiction):

P.S. I just saw you again. I am now convinced— that whatever I have done and am planning to do will not be unjustified at all. I seldom am inwardly nasty and hold hidden evil thoughts towards anyone and seldom say anything but the truth to anyone (whatever I do, I do it in the open). You and your stealth (I know everything, especially what you don’t want me to know) offer me a grand opportunity for unbridled reciprocation, somthing I’ve never indulged in. Just keep this in mind if you’re ever wondering, lier.

And now, my mind is 100% clear of you. I have Lacuna-ed (a la Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind but this time, Lacuna has offered a customised treatment) you. And whatever future dealings I’ll have with you will be of a practical nature.

You’re a leech too. With nothing to offer of your own. Worse, you live to harm. You secretly look upon me everyday, yearning to bring me down and in the process, elevate yourself.

It will not happen ever again, for as long as I live and as long as I die and live again.

P.P.S: And as I’ve said yesterday, I have observed this long enough to confirm that this is not a result of persecution mania or any mental-distortion syndromes that is present within me. It is OBJECTIVE. Eat that, bastard.