I really adore La Blogotheque’s ‘Takeaway Shows’ Projects (a music video project which basically creates your MTVs ‘live’ in a natural setting). The videos straddle a complicated relationship between a MTV and a live recording. Takeaway Shows, from what I recall, are only taken once but since they are circulated and posted online as music videos, their identities are then made more complex.

I have forgotten to continue watching them (more for the nature of Takeaway Shows, not for the intention of listening to the music) since 2 years or more ago when I first went crazy over Beirut and watched my first La Blogotheque show. Check out Nantes and Penalty by Beirut— those were my favourite Takeaway shows for Beirut by LB.

I have forgotten about LB until… I saw a new subscribed video pop up in my subscriptions by LB.

Baibaba Bimba by Tenniscoats

I have heard of Tenniscoats by name but have not brought myself to check them out. And I was not too busy at that time so I clicked on it and watched.

And… wow O_O.

Grand! It gave me an undefinable feeling. Serenity, retrospective happiness, nostalgia for history and living in the moment. You won’t probably get what I mean 😛

Had wanted to post this 2 days ago but inertia forbids. I’ve got a class which I’m already late for 2 minutes. Ciao!