(The fact that an artiste has managed to ‘persuade’ me purchase her album speaks a lot! I had to post this horribly pixelated picture to show how thrilled I am— the fact that I bothered/am compulsively willing to take a picture for this.)

NOW I KNOW WHY OPENING A PACKAGE IS PART OF THE EXPERIENCE. Steve Jobs said this, referring to the process of creating an apple product. I immediately headed off to ‘acquire’ Joanna’s new album today after I saw Jackie’s comment 2 days ago. Pure compulsion!

I love everything about the album. To speak the truth, I don’t own a CD that is paper-bound or something— if that’s what you call it. This is of course, due to the fact that I do not own a lot of CDs and I’m not too proud of the CDs I currently own— because most of them were bought when I was 12-14 and… yeah…

Part of the thrill also lies with the fact that I haven’t bought a CD in ages— don’t ask me where I get my music from. The thing is— albums are really expensive and this one has set me back by S$41. It’s a triple disk so I shall not complain. But I never will even if it is slightly more expensive! The Newsom experience is priceless!

And now that I’ve had my visual experience, I’ll head off for my audio experience.

I’ll probably digest the Newsom’s materials slowly and carefully— who knows when the next one will come out— 5 years? ):

P.S. The fans/Newsom listeners are amazing. I just checked out lastfm and saw Joanna’s scrobbles jump from 1000+ pre-‘Have one on me’ to 11000+ post-‘Have one on me’. I’m probably not a top listener anymore!