I think it should be judged as a relatively ‘good’ thing that I am not blogging frequently nowadays. Because it means that I am fine enough nowadays. And this brings me on to a thought—that no matter how some of us might not want to acknowledge or consider, psychological conditions, etc. etc. are, to an appreciable extent linked to chemically-related factors and also to ‘lifestyle’. (Forgive my stunted way of speech today— when I’m fine, I can’t write in a fully genuine (whole-hearted) way on the blog.)

I have been interacting with people, the ones which are especially relevant are the ones on the net and I spoke to someone (who’s on anti-depressants. At the point in time when I was contemplating if I should seek clinical ‘help’ or not) who told me to change my diet and lifestyle (exercise, the places you go to, or the way you spend your day, the way you behave, your thoughts, who you go around with etc.). There’s also someone who regularly writes about how these (negative psychological conditions, more specifically, the schizoid condition) things happen because we isolate ourselves.

I shall not go in depth, especially in detail about the people themselves. Vague is my intention. I’ve also talked to this person who is big on the idea self-suggestion— the power of suggestion. And he is extremely adamant about the ‘validity’ of psychological quizzes, be it MBTI, personality disorder etc. because he thinks that you are already conscious of the results and are actively working towards it when you’re in the process of completing the quiz. So why do you take it? Ego-trip, narcissism and whatnot. Provides you with an identity. Click. Click. Click. Submit. Here you go, a ready-made identity and it looks good. Reminds me of what we learnt in class the other day. Labeling theory. Well, might not be a bad thing.

I have just changed my blog ‘name’. Am reading this book called ‘The Sunday of Life’. I grabbed it off the shelves just because I was in love with the name. Anyone who has named his/her book with that name can’t be that bad a writer. I’d just read the introduction by a person called Barbara (something) and it looks like I’ve made quite an okay choice. Will see 🙂

I feel like I am experiencing the Sunday of Life right now. Everything’s as fine as can be— like when you’re at the airport staring at a plane about to take off and the fuel obscures and distorts the sky and the rays of light. Especially in the mid-afternoon. Just wonderful. I feel static amongst the changing. And everything’s floaty and dreamy and I’m constantly in a half-smile and I never frown, I stare into space with a purpose.

I will take my leave.

(The other day, I was on Facebook and saw someone wishing an acquaintance of mine a happy birthday in this manner: “Hello, happy Birthday, X.” He didn’t use an exclamation mark. I found it interesting and I went to see who it was.)