I was browsing through videos, linking from one to another before stumbling on a video with a song that sounded familiar but not too familiar at the same time. And in the info bar, The Cure was mentioned.

If you’ve been around with me enough, you’ll know that circumstances like this always happens:

1. I hear a song somewhere.
2. I can sing along to it.

But this time, I was remembering something by ‘WHY?’ (the band) which I’d always thought was original ): It being a cover takes some things away. And apparently, ‘Close to Me’ is an iconic song by The Cure. So the net result = I fail. This reminds me of my indignation at people who did not know that ‘Hallelujah’ did not originate from Jeff Buckley. So yes, I am a hypocrite.

But then again, this is a unique situation. How can I be a hypocrite when I didn’t even know what I am doing (without the knowledge that ‘Close to Me’ was a cover)? I am an accidental hypocrite.

And I was talking to someone the other day about hypocrites. We both agreed that it doesn’t matter too much when authorities are hypocrites if they are still doing their job watching over the people guilty of the same things as themselves.

I am currently feeling very disappointed with this entry. But this is one of the most expected results of the shortage of time (not really— but my time was taken up by things more trivial but possessing less inertia), [if I were to go on, it will take quite a few paragraphs because they trespass into other more serious matters].

The reason why I don’t WRITE mundane things (or things meaningless— meaning that I don’t intend them to imply anything I am consciously willing it to) here, or anywhere else is because writing is an act of permanence. I am rarely (or if I ever, I am an ‘accidental hypocrite’ and of course, some other factors) reckless with anything linked to sealing something to a fate of permanence.

What I am about to say ties in a lot with videos I’ve watched in November and December 2009 from ProfessorAnton (youtube channel). I thought I’d get the specific video here but it turns out that he’d deleted it, as he said he might. Basically, he was deliberating on whether to leave Youtube or not (oh no, this is going to trend into an essay— I shall shorten it and forgo the backstory— if you’re interested, let me know)…

He brings in the idea of how Youtube (as with many other media and things) (he seems to have started the Youtube endeavor in order to study the workings of Youtube. He is a communications professor.) seals things so accidental into a state of permanence. And he questions some things about it, bringing in Socrates and his opposition towards the written text.

And… so on and so forth.

I am still quite disappointed with what I’ve done here because I’ve seldom on any accounts shortened things (not only shortened it quantitatively, but QUALITATIVELY). But whatever it is, so long for now.

I have some things in mind I’ve still yet to say:

– parents
– studying
– sexuality and things relating to 2 mind-boggling vector questions.

I’ll be SURE this time— that I’ll post about them.