Just posting it here for ‘fun’— or just posting it here to make a mark that such a phase in my life did happen. And since I have no time to reminisce about my time in Publications, I shall leave that to a later date although it’s doubtful that such a date will ever occur as seen from my experiences of saying ‘I’ll talk about that in a later post’ which often negates such a possibility. But I do hope that it does occur.

I shall just say for now that I feel like I’ve lost my baby. But babies are more or less, irritating. But still, my baby.

And with this, I shall scramble on in my busy and meaningless life as of now. Not that I am in a dire need for anything to the contrary to happen.

And I shall also say that this is not really genuine. I’m not portraying ‘myself’. If I were, there is nothing to represent. I shall not attempt to explain for fear of the length.

These all came out as brain snot. In fact, the subject of this came about because I was listening to ‘All Good Things Come to an End’ by Nelly Furtado. Shall also talk about the song, perhaps, sometime later.
Greetings readers,

As they say, all good things must come to an end. But then again, I’m pretty sure all bad things or mediocre things must come to an end too. I have always wondered how by similarly stating the obvious, the ‘good things’ version of the aphorism has emerged more popular than the ‘bad and mediocre’ versions.

All things do come to an end and that’s that. Good things do not come to an end more than bad and mediocre things come to an end—which is what the over-emphasis on the most popular version of the aphorism suggests.
And with that, our ‘tenure’ in this very cozy corner of the world draws to an end. Due to the way society is made, for every ‘ending’, it is only whole and complete if a reference to a tearful beginning is made. And so, I shall follow.

As such, I still remember my first words here: “The furniture has been moved around slightly—and hopefully, still very much to your liking.”

What has been moved has settled, definitely, over time. I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed my arrangements. And our ‘infrastructure’ will continue to undergo annual furniture movements and (to be optimistic for once) will grow from strength to strength.

What I aimed to bring to your eyes is a set of furniture pieces unlike any you have seen before. Throughout our residence, we have brought forth to you the value of inquiry and open-mindedness, the ability to make mountains of molehills and proportionately, sound interesting—and mainly, a new and previously impossible way of looking at things.

And with this, I shall leave you to a last ‘wise’ jab of mine: If there is light at the end of a lighted tunnel, why try?

Is the light all you are seeking?

If not, what if there is a lighted tunnel at the end of a lighted tunnel? What do you feel about this state of infinity? A sense of futility?

Well, this paints an accurate picture of ‘life’. No matter where you are heading, no matter how novel and rare where you claim to be walking on a path of your own, you are only digging through a new tunnel and all these tunnels will converge somewhere, just as they originated from one source—to arrive at a common fate.
I have just introduced a dimension of finiteness to the picture. And I daresay that a part of you has died more than you had in the metaphor of infinity.

Sartre is right: There is meaning only in the illusion of infinity.

And so, search not for a destination, or rest with one.

And I will gladly take my leave and leave you alone, in the presence of words in the pages to come.

Chief Editor