Last night, I was reading through the prose pieces of mine written in the past. And contrary to what I thought, I liked each of them and admired my ‘past self’ for writing them. If my current self were to meet my past self, what a hell of a friend/confidant/whatever we would have made!

And the pieces bring me back to the past where I wrote them and made me see the relevance of them and their context in which they were written in. I did not change too much, or rather, I’ve gained a new understanding of myself now. I think I can be compared to an electron orbital—the orbital does not indicate exactly where an electron lies but it shows the region of space where the electron has a high probability to be in.

I do not undergo paradigm shifts. I do not ‘progress’.

Therefore, I have no reason to prefer or allocate positions of superiority or inferiority over any of my ‘different’ personalities, which are in actual fact, as one.

And I’ll be my intj/intp/infj/infp/any future traits that I have exhibited as and when I like. I do not choose costumes for a parade. I do not parade.