Respond to the sentence: All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be.

And continue to change, stay and be.

I have no desire to deliberately steer my life in any other ways.


I think part of the reason why new year ‘resolutions’ are not held is because it is an overused phrase and the word ‘resolution’ irks. The way to solve a lot of problems like this is to change the phrasings of a certain problematic phrase that has lost/diluted its meaning because of overusage— like being more specific on what you mean by ‘happiness’.

For example, ‘happy new year’, ‘happy birthday’, ‘merry Christmas’. I don’t ever say those anymore. I say, ‘I wish you a wonderful, wonderful new year and hope that everything you want worked out will work out for you.’, and the same genuine-sounding well-wishes for birthdays and Christmas.

‘Happy new year’ has been overused to the extent that ‘happy’ is no longer a consciously substitutable term when used by people. It is. ‘Happy new year’ means ‘happy’ new year and can be changed to ‘wonderful’ new year, ‘smooth and successful’ new year.

‘Happy new year’ becomes a meaningless but customary and quick, ready-made phrase being thrown and tossed about in text messages, facebook/twitter statuses. It’s almost like fast food. Or if you mind me saying, a meme though I do not believe in memes.

I always cringe when I see the same text messages appearing. ‘Happy’ this, ‘Happy’ that. ‘HAPPY MEAL’. It makes me feel like everything is crumbling down— do people even know what they’re saying?


When I see those, I get the same feeling as when I am taking a bus or train with everyone looking down on their phones, books, staring about, without a sound, when I’m at home watching TV with my family with everyone’s eyes affixed onto the screens, silent, when I’m walking down the streets, looking at self-conscious people as if it were all a parade.

As if we don’t live in the same community and world anymore. I see partitions everywhere yet it’s said that it’sso ‘globalised’ and ‘connected’. No one responds to anyone anywhere whom they don’t know anymore— I remember the scene from Wall-e where everyone just floats in their own bubble world.

Do we know what we’re doing when we do all these things?