I observe that what I’m doing more nowadays is doing little things to make people ‘happy’ or appease their feelings if I know I am capable of doing so. No more channeling of negative energy.

I now know that sometimes even as I profess that I don’t need people/things/life/certain emotions or relationships etc., they need me and that is a well enough reason for me to keep living. Let’s say, even as I find my life is of no value, people do and I should keep my life for the people who do. It is only logical and economical to do so. It is waste wasting myself if I don’t value myself but ‘I’ can be of value to others.

If I find no value in happiness but people do, I should ‘create’ more happiness for others instead of being universally nihilistic towards happiness and appear like a mean, sour grape to the onlookers. Sarcasm and cynicism are not smart. At all. Especially with flamboyancy and egoism.

‘Life’ is so much more than that.