I could probably type a 1000 word essay on what I am about to say but the Occam’s Razor equivalent of it is that I hate myself.

Now, let’s analyse why I am doing this.

Is it:

a) I am lazy and dismissive towards putting in extra effort?
b) The Nature of ‘me’ is simple, not complex and therefore a simpler explanation is ‘true-er’?
c) Saying things simply invokes lesser assumptions and simplifies the structure thereby reducing the uncertainties and errors in future ‘calculations? And that theories are not seeking for ‘truth’ but usefulness?

My knee-jerk reaction is that b) and c) are BS but I am withholding judgment on those because I am a kind person, or rather, I might find some truth value in those, or have already but am not doing so because of… a).

a) is definitely true.

But ‘I’ am not science. The same cannot be extrapolated to science without much effort. But because of a), I am putting this on hold for the moment.

(I think I am considering doing this for the IS, among at least 5 other topics held up for consideration.)