I am living the life of the light-hearted and grave-minded.

I was seeking for the grave-minded only to be seeking the heavy-hearted.
When I got the latter, I thought I got the former.
But the latter always evolved into the former eventually if you ferment it the right way.
I think I did, for it was edible.

But I didn’t know that the latter could go because it’s job is done and all that’s left to do is harm.
I was greedy.
I was greedy because I thought that the heavy-hearted had more to give, or even if it had nothing else, it needs to be there for the after-care maintenance. I don’t think so now.
(Or that they’re part of my ‘personality’. Like my ‘personality’ is an objective, fixed constant.)

And I’m letting go of depression, dysthymia, the self-imposed, fantasy-based aspects of schizoid, any forms of self-imposed mood disorders.

To anyone who is feeding undeserving mood leeches in his/her body for vaguely mercenary reasons, please realise that you are doing so and next, please remove them.
The heavy-hearted do not go well with anything.
Not even with wine, fork and flour, which when combined, can go along with almost everything.