Kansas – Dust in the Wind

I’m going to leave this place till I see that I’m fit to come back (maybe 2 weeks to a month). I’m back to the phase where I’m changing again and like what I do in the past, I feel like abandoning this blog and making a new one (I do not want to this time though). Though I must say it is rather pointless and only meaning in an arcane psychological way since if I move, I move my archives along (but it makes a huge difference). I’ve never thought that I would ‘change’ again though, I was living fine with myself for a very long time. I think Kuhn’s paradigm shift theory describes my life to a T.

One thing (just one of them) I’m going to do is to follow cliche ‘advice’ I’ve looked upon in disdain. I’m going to sleep 7.5 hours a day, eat lots more vegetables and fruits, drink water (I drink only around 2-3 glasses a day), exercise somewhat. And see if it fixes the portion of my life which I think it’ll fix. I have accepted that I am a biological being and just as the mind controls the body, the vice versa happens. We’ll see if it’s true. If it fiddles with chemicals in my brains and amends my thoughts and mood, somehow or other. If it does not, I’ll umm, I’ll forsee myself gloating with delight. So I’ll be ‘happier’ either way (not that I am experiencing the opposite of that vague, meaningless word now).

Here’s another song. One awesome song from them. Don’t like everything from them though :\

Blue October – Ugly Side