Hi patronizers of this page, I am taking an indeterminable holiday from the net. I’m not a serious addict at all but I find that the net is sucking my brains out and is a disgustingly poor substitute (undertaken by convenience and the lack of originality) of alternatives one can do in the otherwise possibly life-enhancing time.

More details: I will go off the record on facebook unless I have just went to an event which requires facebook to keep in touch with new people whom I’ve met. I will still be on my blog, on youtube because those do not suck my brains out. Will not be on IM services conveniently (read: intentionlessly) for leisure unless there is a special occasion or with persons whom I find that the act of talking to them do not suck my brains out. Will not deliberately listen to music at inconvenient times just to scrobble music on lastfm. I will be contactable by email.

Bye Fake World.