I think:

Quantum physics is to physics is as existential phenomenology is to philosophy.

In the same way how Feyeraband complains that modern physicists are wasting too many young bloods to a wasteful brain-drain endeavour– quantum physics.

(I fully understand and appreciate existentialism though but.. huh??!!)

Have been wandering around the net and all I see that is original and written by people who are alive on youtube, on blogs is ‘existential phenomenology’. Was researching a topic for my thesis and no matter what I search, I’ll be bound to return to the two words again.

And along with the fact that I don’t understand what the heck is Heidegger talking about… (in the wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sein_und_Zeit)

I feel like it’s either I’m really stupid and missing out on a lot of things or that I am sane and balanced. Me being me, I tend to think that it’s the former.