I shall never trust myself to lie on any surfaces (e.g. table top, sofa, cushions or even on the floor and in shelves that can fit me) for even the slightest second with my eyes closed other than when I am supposed to do so at night. For if I do, I will never awake till eons later.


Fell asleep from 2pm to 6pm when I have planned to do something more life-enhancing during that period. The very idea of a nap is so unlike me, as with sleeping before 12am but nowadays, something seem to have taken over me. I don’t know what that something is but it must be something really sleepy. Or it could be cold turkey for an established caffeine habit that I’m trying to kick so that it (caffeine) will be more effective when school starts. I don’t want to end up drinking an entire pot for caffeine to take effect.