I’ve been writing a lot in my offline diary recently and since that meets my needs, its hard to capture the mood again here.

I shall just quote something I wrote in there on the night of 23rd of October after coming back from a senior’s art coursework exhibition:

And today, I’ve seen how genuine-ness can win over everything, and I’ve realised: no matter where or how far you go, you;ll eventually go back to face yourself– even if it means having to take a huge detour. But the sights seen in the detour are priceless too, they gave me the tools I’ll never have gotten with 100% efficiency.

I don’t regret anything that has happened in my life and I’m looking forward to seeing more.

The sky is dark but I feel that all is bright.

I will and I am, starting to live tonight.


But umm, I don’t think I have started to live yet.

I’ll talk about another one where I am talking about how I like and often encounter deja vu situations sometime later.