I’m in the midst of some strange pop-punk revival wave sweeping through me after having grew out of it for quite a long time. I’ve been listening to an unhealthy amount of Sum 41 since yesterday. But I think this will be temporary.

And I’ve been reading this book of quotes (Asian words of knowledge) about knowledge and was reading it yesterday night. I can remember some of them, though not word for word:

The mind is both the source of bondage and release – Yogananda

When the student is ready, the master appears – Chinese proverb

Words spoken reign over you, words unspoken are reigned by you (this was definitely phrased a lot better in the book) – Arabian proverb

When you lose the game, don’t lose the lesson (not sure if its ‘game’ or anything else) – Dalai Lama

These words really changed me though they were somewhat apparent to me. I guess for it to become meaningful, someone has to put them into words and it should come from someone who is not myself.

How I came to borrow this book (since I don’t normally borrow books of this kind) is because we’re studying Eastern and Western knowledge soon in KI and I thought this would be interesting. And indeed, I find that pragmatism way dominates any other schools of thoughts in the theory of knowledge. Simply because: it works!